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Youth Internship Program

Expanding Horizons Innternship Sponsorship Form

Expanding Horizons Internships
An Opportunity to Transform a Teenager's Life

For more information, contact Lourdes Morales or (213) 316-2125.

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Expanding Horizons Internship Program Recruitment

An Opportunity to Transform A Teenager's Life

The Expanding Horizons Internships (EHI) program provides low-income, high-achieving youth with an intensive experience that includes a paid summer internship at a professional work site, over 100 hours of seminars focused on career and college preparation, and mentoring from CRF staff and job site supervisors. We have provided over 1,700 Los Angeles area teenagers with high quality professional experiences since the program began in 1995. We can serve hundreds more with your support. 

Sponsoring an intern is simple. CRF recruits and screens over 200 exceptional students from high schools throughout Los Angeles and provides sponsoring job sites with a small pool of potential interns to interview. Once a job site selects one or more interns, CRF assists with monitoring interns’ performance and paying interns’ wages. Each intern will provide their job site with 125 hours of work each for a period of five weeks during summer months. Interns bring basic skills including typing, PowerPoint, Excel, filing, and more.

Join the growing list of companies and organizations that host CRF interns! There are a couple of ways to sponsor an intern. You can either sponsor an intern to work at your office or sponsor an intern to be placed at a non-profit site.

Sponsorship Form  | Download a Brochure

For more information, contact Lourdes Morales at 213.316.2125

Expanding Horizons Internships Job Sites

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The Experience of Hosting an Intern

When you sponsor an intern through CRF's Expanding Horizons Internships (EHI), you are opening the door for an enthusiastic, motivated, and hardworking high school student. The interns bring a contagious energy to their work and job sites benefit from improved office morale and the opportunity to mentor youth.


This opportunity is unique from other programs as EHI provides high school juniors with a paid five-week internship and nearly 50 hours of intensive college and career preparation. All of the EHI students are low-income, first-generation college-bound.

Our EHI students are truly remarkable and have so much talent, but they have had limited exposure to professional career opportunities in their underserved communities. This incredible program changes the lives of the students and positively affects participating companies through the interns’ youthful energy and unwavering drive.




Benefits of Sponsoring an EHI Intern

This is a mutually beneficial opportunity for both the interns and the host. The professional work place skills, critical thinking, and confidence students gain in this program helps them continue to further their academic growth in college and enter the workforce prepared and eager to contribute. Often, EHI hosts want their interns to return the following summer, some offering full-time positions after the student graduates from college.

Job site supervisors determine interns’ tasks based on the needs of the workplace, see sample tasks and take a look at the Site Supervisor video. The intern will gladly help sites gain insight on any administrative tasks, help with spreadsheets or other office work, or even expand social media footprint.

Sponsoring an intern is simple. CRF recruits and screens potential interns. Once a job site selects one or more interns, CRF assists with monitoring interns’ performance, handles all the paperwork, and pays interns’ wages. The intern will work a total of 125 hours within-in a five week during summer months.


How Interns are Selected

Prospective interns submit extensive applications containing all of the information found on a resume, along with a one-page essay, and two letters of recommendation. CRF than interviews all applicants and prescreens based on general job readiness, career interests, and qualifications. Job sites interview 2-3 intern candidates per position and select the one they feel best meets their needs. Job sites also choose from two summer sessions:

  • Group A (June 14 – July 11) and/or
  • Group B (July 12 – August 8)

Sponsoring an Intern

Join these outstanding companies and firms to provide a unique and impactful opportunity to change a young person’s life through EHI today. The cost to sponsor is $4,000 per student, some of which is tax-deductible. To sponsor an intern, download the Sponsorship Agreement Form. Sponsors may also underwrite the cost for an intern to be placed at a non-profit job site designated by the sponsor or CRF.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and continuing the conversation about CRF’s Expanding Horizons Internships program. We educate. They participate, and so can you. Contact Lourdes Morales for more information at Lourdes@crf-usa.org; (213) 316-2125.





Expanding Horizons Internships - Apply

Internship Home | Student Information  | Student Application  |  Job Sites and Sponsorship Opportunities 

 Expanding Horizons Internships


How do I apply?
Follow the three steps below. Application coming soon.

Step 1: Complete Application Part I - Must be submitted online.

Step 2: Complete Application Part II - Mailed along with required documentation to address below.

Step 3: Parent/Legal Guardian Agreement Form - Signed by parent/legal guardian and mailed to address below. 

CRF/Expanding Horizons Internships
601 S. Kingsley Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Check the email you provided on your application on a regular basis. You will receive a confirmation and additional information.

For more information contact Sean-Michael Ramirez at sean-michael@crf-usa.org or (213) 316-2127.

Expanding Horizons Internships General Information

Job Sites and Sponsorship Opportunities | Student Information | Student Application

Program Description

Since 1995, CRF’s Expanding Horizons Internships (EHI) combine paid internships in exciting professional settings with interactive seminars. The program starts in the spring and concludes in the summer with the paid summer internship. EHI provides professional skill-building, community awareness, and educational and college preparation seminars necessary for effective action in our democratic society.

EHI Facebook


Student Benefits:

  • Attend interactive, educational seminars during the spring to strengthen skills in communication, presentation, networking, and collaboration.
  • Learn about the college application process, financial aid, and SAT preparation.
  • Gain confidence, responsibility, and a sense of independence.
  • Work as paid professional intern at a prestigious law firm, corporation, or non-profit organiztion during the summer.

Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a junior or sophomore*
  • Neither parent attended a four-year college
  • Participate in the free/reduce meals program at their school
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Available and attend all seminar and internship dates (see dates below)

    *Sophomores are eligible to obtain a paid summer internship if one becomes available.

The 2017 Expanding Horizons Internships Program dates are the following:


For a complete list of seminar and internship dates click here. For a list of the 2016 Job Sites click here.

*The 2017 dates and job sites are subject to change.

Extended Application Deadline February 7, 2017.

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