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Handout—Making An Action Plan
You have chosen an action project. Now it is time to create an action plan. Discuss each step and write a clear answer. Each step influences the others. Make sure they all fit together and that they serve the needs and respect the rights of everyone.

Step 1. Project name. Invent a catchy name for your project. Make it something you can live with. You will want to use it on everything connected to the project: flyers, posters, signs.

Step 2. Problem statement. State the problem clearly. How does the problem affect your school or community? What individuals or groups are most affected?

Step 3. Project Goal. What do you want to achieve with your project? Write a one-sentence vision statement.

Step 4. Project Plan. What do you need to do? Write down the steps you will do to accomplish your goal.

Step 5. Tasks. What activities and tasks must you complete to do the project? Include:
•    descriptions of meetings
•    necessary research
•    outreach to experts, government officials, and other potential project partners
•    materials needed
•    licensing and other permissions required
•    locations
•    budgets, fundraising
Important! Who will be responsible for each of these activities and tasks?

Step 6. Resources and partners.
Who is likely to support your project? List different groups or individuals who can help you.

Step 7. Obstacles. List some obstacles or difficulties you might encounter while doing your project. Who is likely to oppose your project?

Step 8. Evaluation and reflection. How will you measure the success of your project? Be specific.