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The MyTown CD contains:

Teacher Instructions: This guide provides focus activities to introduce and teach each lesson in either a whole class or centers setting. Assessment questions and activities directly linked to California History-Social Science standards are included. There are also suggestions for creating a MyTown bulletin board to display student work.

Center Cards: Specific instructions for students to complete each lesson are provided to display at a classroom center. One computer is required at the center.

MyTown Media Presentations: The CD-Rom contains six Flash presentations, one for each lesson. The presentations can be viewed via projector for the whole class, or can be viewed by small groups of students sharing one computer at a classroom center. Each presentation sets up a small group activity that requires students to work together to solve a problem or make a decision about the fictional town.

MyTown Activity Handouts: These handouts guide students through a small group activity in which they apply content from the media presentation. The activities put students in the roles of settlers from the storyline and engage them in problem-solving and decision-making skills.

MyTown Mystery Handouts: MyTown Mystery activities have students apply concepts and skills introduced in the fictional MyTown to the real world as they search for historical facts about their own community. Teachers are encouraged to define the “community” the students will study. (San Diego or La Mesa; Sacramento or Elk Grove, etc.) These assignments require students to use the Internet and mandate that they have an adult present.

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