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Of Codes and Crowns Textbook

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Of Codes & Crowns, Third Edition
codessrdent.jpgFrom the Ancient World to the Renaissance
Linked to world history standards
Grades 9-12
Download Sample Lesson (PDF) One of our most popular texts returns in a new edition—Of Codes and Crownsis fully revised and updated. Featuring lessons with:
  • Short, high-interest readings.
  • Discussion questions to facilitate understanding.
  • Interactive activities to foster critical thinking.

Unit 1: Hammurabi’s Treasure explores the concept of lex talionis, the law of retribution, and an ancient set of laws—The Code of Hammurabi.

Unit 2: Blood Feud discusses the Greek tribunal system and the myth of Orestes.

Unit 3: Jewish Law looks at the development of Jewish law, one of the foundations of Western legal tradition.

Unit 4: Roman Law traces the more than 1,000-year evolution of this law—from its beginnings in the city-state of Rome through the republic and empire.

Unit 5: Islamic Law looks at the origins and development of Islamic law.

Unit 6: Merry Old England examines the medieval English jury system, one far different from ours today.

Unit 7: The Magna Carta analyzes how the English got King John to limit the power of monarchs.

Unit 8: The Trial of Galileo explores the conflict between the greatest scientist of the time and church officials who believed his ideas clashed with church doctrine. Of Codes & Crowns has an extensive teacher’s guide containing discussion questions and answers, and step-by-step instructions for the interactive lessons.

Of Codes and Crowns, 3rd Ed., Student Book, 104 pp.
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Of Codes and Crowns, 3rd Ed., Teacher's Guide, 136 pp.
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Of Codes and Crowns, 3rd Ed., Student Book (Set of 10)
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