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Catalog Police Patrol

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Police Patrol

Police_Patrol.jpgSimulation for 20-35 players
Grades 5-12

Perfect for students from fifth through 12th grade and beyond, Police Patrol is an innovative curriculum that will open communication and break down stereotypes between police and students. Students get an opportunity to have positive interactions with police officers, to learn about police work, and to work on improving police-community relations. Police Patrol consists of these sessions:

Pre- and Post-Survey and Discussion for measuring the change in student attitudes. Police Patrol Simulation. This powerful simulation engages youth and police officers in a structured activity that builds understanding and communication. Students are provided an opportunity to "take a walk" in an officer's shoes as they become police officers and citizens interacting in typical police call situations. The simulation puts adult officers in the roles of mentors and coaches to help youth officers handle calls using police procedures.

Police-Community Relations Discussion. Following the simulations, students and police officers discuss ideas for improving police-community relations.

Project Planning. Students design a service project to improve police-community relations. A list of project ideas is included along with instruction on planning, implementing and evaluating projects.This publication includes a step-by-step instructions for conducting each session, handouts, discussion questions, and pre- and post-surveys for officers and students. To facilitate duplication, the packet includes separate masters of all handouts.

Police Patrol, Price: $15.95

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