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Catalog Election Central

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Election Central

Grades 9–12

election_central_cover_final.jpgElection Central engages students in learning about campaigns for political office. The standards-based curriculum consists of five interactive activities, putting students in the roles of candidates, campaign staff, and community members.

Activity 1: Running for Office places students on a mayoral campaign team, where they learn about campaigning and create ads.

Activity 2: Get the Youth Vote gives students information on young people’s voting rates and strategies for attracting the youth vote and asks them to create a strategy for the campaign.

Activity 3: Policy & Platforms informs students about the public agenda and public policy and lets them analyze policy proposals using a framework.

Activity 4: Endorsements puts students in the roles of local groups and campaign teams seeking endorsements from these groups.

Activity 5: Press Conference lets students take the roles of candidates, campaign staff, and reporters in a simulated press conference. Each activity promotes:

  • Critical thinking and positive dispositions about the political process.
  • Understanding of campaign and election processes.
Designed to be completed in two or three class sessions, each activity provides:
  • A focus activity to introduce concepts and content.
  • An application using interactive methodology such as role plays, simulations, active discussion, and cooperative learning.
  • An informal assessment through discussion of student-created products or presentations to ensure student understanding of key concepts.
Perfect for use in classroom settings, after-school programs, clubs, or leadership classes.
Election Central, 50 pp., Price: $16.95

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