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Social Studies Content
Social Studies Content Standards

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State Social Studies Standards

Alabama—Louisiana | Maine—North Dakota | Ohio—Wyoming 

Alabama Content Standards Social Studies

Alaska Standards

Arizona Academic K-12 Standards Social Studies

Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks Social Studies

California Content Standards History-Social Science

Colorado K–12 Academic Standards Civics Economics Geography History

Connecticut Common Core of Teaching Social Studies

Delaware Professional & Curriculum Standards Social Studies

Florida State Standards

Georgia Standards Social Studies Standards

Hawaii Content and Performance Standards Social Studies Standards (PDF)

Idaho Content Standards Social Studies

Illinois Learning Standards Social Science

Indiana Academic Standards Social Studies (PDF)

Iowa Department of Education

Kansas Curricular Standards History and Government; Economics and Geography

Kentucky Student Performance Standards Social Studies (PDF)

Louisiana Student Standards & Assessments Social Studies (PDF)

Maine Learning Results Social Studies

Maryland Teaching and Assessing the Content Standards Social Studies

Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks History & Social Science

Michigan Curriculum & Instruction Social Studies

Minnesota Academic Standards Social Studies

Mississippi Curriculum Framework Social Studies

Missouri Show-Me Standards Social Studies Framework Strands

Montana Content & Performance Standards Social Studies (PDF)

Nebraska Academic Standards Social Studies/History (PDF)

Nevada Standards Social Studies

New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks Social Studies (PDF): K–4 5–8 HS

New Jersey Content Standards Social Studies

New Mexico Standards Social Studies

New York Core Subjects Learning Standards Social Studies

North Carolina Standard Course of Study Social Studies

North Dakota State Standards Social Studies 

Ohio Academic Content Standards Social Studies

Oklahoma Priority Academic Student Skills Social Studies: html PDF

Oregon Content Standards Social Studies

Pennsylvania Academic Standards PDF: Civics Economics Geography History

Rhode Island Standards

South Carolina Curriculum & Standards Social Studies

South Dakota Content Standards Social Studies

Tennessee Curriculum Standards

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Social Studies

Utah K–12 Core Curriculum Social Studies

Vermont Framework of Standards & Learning Opportunities History & Social Sciences

Virginia Standards of Learning History & Social Science

Washington Academic Learning Requirements Civics Economics Geography History

West Virginia Content Standards Social Studies (PDF)

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Social Studies Introduction

Wyoming State Standards Social Studies (PDF)

National Social Studies Standards

National Standards for Civics and Government From the Center for Civic Education

National Standards for History From the National Center for History in the Schools, UCLA

Curriculum Standards for Social Studies From the National Council for the Social Studies

National Standards & Benchmarks From Mid-continent Research for Education & Learning

National Geography Standards From the National Council for Geographic Education

About This Page

As a service to educators, these links provide access to social studies standards in every U.S. state and to various national standards. For the state links, the first link is to the state’s site for all standards and additional links are to its specific social studies standards, which sometimes are in PDF format.