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Research the memo using the Impeachment Links.

Your memo will be read by the entire Express editorial board. If the board agrees with your position, the Express will print your memo as an editorial. So write your memo carefully and follow this format:

Introduction. Give background on the scandal. Remember, this is a family newspaper, so don't provide graphic details. Summarize the actions of the special prosecutor and the actions of the House and Senate up to this point.

Impeachment overview. Explain the impeachment process and what "high crimes and misdemeanors" means.

Historical precedents. Review the two presidents who previously were subjects of impeachment inquiries—Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon. Compare the charges against them to the charges against Clinton.

Opinion. State what you think the Senate should do. It probably should be one of the three options I mentioned:

(1) The Senate should vote to convict and remove Clinton from office.

(2) The Senate should vote against convicting Clinton, but should censure him.

(3) The Senate should take no action. The matter should be dropped.

Refutation. State the three strongest arguments against your position. In turn, refute each argument.

Proofs. State the three strongest arguments in favor of your position. In turn, support each argument with reasons.

Conclusion. Persuasively summarize your arguments.

Sources. Make a list of the sources you used.