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Giving Back-Youth Court Manual for Juvenile Justice, Community Service Learning, and Teen Courts

GivingBack_06_cover.jpgGiving Back: Introducing Community Service Learning,
Improving Mandated Community Service for Juvenile Offenders

This free manual gives youth courts and other juvenile-justice agencies the tools they need to apply school-based service-learning methods to court-mandated community-service. Giving Backprovides skill-building strategies and materials to:

  • Introduce juvenile offenders to basic concepts of community and community problems.
  • Offer three options for planning and implementing community service-learning projects designed to deal with ten offenses that youth courts and other juvenile-justice agencies most frequently address.

Download the complete text of Giving Back (PDF).

Request a hard copy of Giving Back.

Giving Back was designed and written by Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) and Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago (CRFC) and is made available through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and the Federal Youth Court Program.

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