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Annual Spring Dinner

2015 Spring Dinner

The Beverly Hilton   |  May 5, 2015

marshallbobchrisgene2CRF President Marshall Croddy and Chair Robert S. Stern with honorees, Hon. Christopher J. Dodd and K. Eugene Shutler.

Our sincere thanks to all of you who joined us in supporting Constitutional Rights Foundation’s 2015 Spring Dinner and our mission to transform young lives by empowering the students we serve to become informed, skilled, and engaged citizens. We especially thank the nearly 600 guests representing more than 50 international law firms and corporations who joined us in person on Tuesday night.

Former Senator and current MPAA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Christopher J. Dodd’s inspiring remarks reminded us all how critically the health of our democracy depends upon informed citizens taking an active role in their communities. We congratulate Senator Dodd on receiving CRF’s Bill of Rights Award.

K. Eugene Shutler received the Lloyd M. Smith Award for his many years of dedicated service on CRF’s Board of Directors.

Civic Action Project Youth Board leader and student speaker Melissa Ramirez shared the inspirational story of how her experience in CRF programs set her on the path to achieving her educational aspirations.

Project LEAD 5th graders from Nevin Avenue Elementary School stole the show with their skit demonstrating courtroom skills guided by Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author A. Scott Berg discussed his recent book on Woodrow Wilson and his life-long focus on the Constitution.

For over a half a century, CRF has provided innovative, nonpartisan, and educational programs and high-quality civic-learning resources for teachers and students throughout the United States. The need for CRF's programs continues to grow and it is your support that helps meet this need. Through the many generous sponsorships of our Spring Dinner, CRF raised nearly $1 million dollars toward its vital mission. Thank you.

We would love to stay connected with each of you. Please click here to receive updates from CRF on ways to get involved with our programs including invitations to upcoming Expanding Horizons Internships events this summer, and information on volunteering.

Thank you again for your support. 

Marshall Croddy


Melissa Ramirez, Civic Action Project Youth Board


Nevin Ave. Elementary School Students, Project LEAD


Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles County District Attorney 


A. Scott Berg, Author 

Four-passenger Luxury Sport Coupe

generously donated by Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.


Opportunity Drawing Winner
Jackie Lacey

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