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2016 Annual Appeal has been a great success! We have raised a total of $121,532, just shy of last year’s record-breaking total of $122,970.

Special thanks go to Darin Beffa and James Levin for serving as co-chairs of the Appeal Appeal campaign.  Special thanks also go to Robert Aronoff, Darin Beffa, Joe Calabrese, Marshall Croddy, T. Warren Jackson, James Levin, and Chris Paskach for sponsoring the Matching Fund for this year’s Appeal. Because of the matching fund, we raised an additional $20,115.

Thanks to all who made special efforts for this year’s campaign. Your continued dedication and generosity make it possible for us to educate and empower the deserving young people we serve.

These Board Members Solicited New or Increased Gifts

James M. Aquilina

Molly Lens

Peggy Saferstein

Robert C. Aronoff

Jason Lo

Jeff E. Scott

Vikas Arora

Brian Marler

K. Eugene Shutler

Kimberly A. Dunne

Peter B. Morrison

Hon. Marjorie Steinberg

Kate Gold

Gary Olsen

Gregory P. Stone

T. Warren Jackson

Howard Privette

Douglas A. Thompson

Special Thanks for Making Increased Gifts

Robert C. Aronoff

Linda S. Husar

Christopher H. Paskach

Darin T. Beffa

T. Warren Jackson

Howard Privette

Talya Z. Friedman

Hon. John Kronstadt

Christopher S. Ruhland

Kate Gold

James Levin

Gregory P. Stone

Other 2016 Annual Appeal Participants

Leon Bass, Jr.

Daniel Floyd

Gail Migdal Title

Gabriel Brakin

Dennis Franks

Fred R. Puglisi

Alan N. Braverman

Samantha C. Grant

Patrick G. Rogan

Kelli J. Brooks

Levi W. Heath

Thomas A. Ryan

Dawn T. Collins

Louis E. Kempinsky

Robert A. Sacks

Vincent J. Davitt

Joseph D. Lee

Robert S. Stern

David J. DiMeglio

Hon. Louis Meisinger

Danielle R. Weir

Gregory Evans

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