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National Outreach in Civic Participation and Youth

National Outreach in Civic Participation and Youth Service

la_co_sl_minigrant.jpgCRF provides information, materials, technical assistance and training for teachers and school administrators involved in civic participation and service learning programs. Service-Learning NETWORK Online, a publication examining significant issues in the field, is distributed free of charge to K-12 educators. 

Civic Engagement Training & Technical Assistance Curriculum

A Guide to Effective Citizenship Through AmeriCorps was developed under a cooperative agreement with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and meets their recommendation that programs incorporate citizenship training into their member development plans. Additionally, CRF also developed Active Citizens 101 for program sites unable to provide their members with the opportunity to explore its various themes in greater depth due to time or logistical constraints.

A Guide to Effective Citizenship Through AmeriCorps (PDF)
A Guide to Effective Citizenship Through AmeriCorps is divided into ten two-hour modules based on four elements essential to active citizenship: knowledge, skills, attitudes, and action. Each module has two sessions: a content session provides activities to help members delve into the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of effective citizenship; an action session that guides members through a service project in their community.

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