America Responds to Terrorism
The Palmer Red Raids

The Palmer "Red Raids"

For they're shippin' Bolshe Viki, you can hear the engines purr,
They are weighin' of the anchor, an' the decks are all astir,
They've pinned a number on him an' they've branded him a cur,
An' they're shippin' Bolshe Viki in the mornin'!

-from "Bolshe Viki" By Faith Baldwin

Faith Baldwin made up the name "Bolshe Viki" from the word Bolshevik. The Bolsheviks, a Russian revolutionary group, had established the world's first communist nation in 1917. The communist revolution in Russia greatly disturbed many Americans who feared that Bolshevik sympathizers would try the same thing in the United States. This fear would soon lead to a series of events that placed the Fifth Amendment guarantee of due process of law in serious danger.

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