America Responds to Terrorism

Resources designed to help teachers and students understand the tragedy of September 11 and the events unfolding in America, Iraq, the Middle East, and around the world.

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1 America Responds to Terrorism
2 What is Terrorism?
3 Terrorism: How Have Other Countries Handled It?
4 Islamist Terrorism From 1945 to the Rise of ISIS
5 Suggestions for Teachers
6 How Do You Feel?
7 Handling Controversy
8 How Youth Can Help - Civic Action Project Suggestions
9 Fact Finders
10 Analyzing Rumors and Myths
11 Press Freedom versus Military Censorship
12 The Patriot Act
13 Lincoln and the Writ of Liberty
14 Wartime and the Bill of Rights
15 The Palmer Red Raids
16 Military Tribunals
17 A Clear and Present Danger
18 The Alien and Sedition Acts
19 Do We Need a New Constitutional Convention
20 The Information Revolution
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