adventures_1.jpgAdventures in Law and History, Volume I Links

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Unit I: Rules and Laws (The Chumash)

Chumash Indian Life Much information from the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

Chumash From Virtual Tour of the California Missions.

History of American Indians in California

California Indian Tribal Groups A map.

California Native Peoples A list with a short description of each tribe.

Native Californians Links. From National Park Service Museum Collections.

Yahooligans: Native Americans

Unit II: Property

Mexican California From Library of Congress.

Mexican American Voices Links to articles on the history of Spain and Mexico in the Southwest. From Digital History.

Californios—Early Mexican San Diegans Biographies of prominent people in San Diego. From the San Diego Historical Society.

Spanish-Mexican Land Grants: A Brief Introduction From the Colorado State Archives.

Spanish and Mexican Land Grants

Unit III: Authority

The Gold Rush: California Transformed From California History Online.

The Gold Rush Information and classroom resources. From PBS.

The Museum of Sutter's Fort

California's Untold Stories: The Gold Rush An exhibit and curriculum materials. From the Oakland Museum of California.

Early California History From Library of Congress.

The Discovery of Gold

The Forty-Niners

The Mines

Towns and Cities

Land of Golden Dreams Exhibit from the Huntington Library.

Gold Rush From stories in the Sacramento Bee.

Land of Glittering Dreams Photos of gold country in California.

Marshall Gold State Historical Park The place in California where gold was discovered.

Mining Camp Map

PBS Kids: Gold Rush

Gold Rush History Links to many articles.

Gold Rush Links

Google Directory: Gold Rush in California

Yahoo Directory: California Gold Rush

Yahooligans: California Gold Rush