Chapter 5
Active Citizenship Today, Chapter 5: Taking Action

Developing a Plan of Action | State the Problem | Set Goals | Create a Budget | Evaluating and Reflecting | ACT Showcase
Let Others Know What You Did


Developing a Plan of Action

NLG Project Planning: A Tutorial A tutorial organizations applying for National Leadership Grants (NLG). It applies to most projects.

Project Planning & Management Tools From Mind Tools.

Plan a Project and Create a Timeline Tips from Join Hands Day. PDF File.

Service Project Planning From Ohio State University.

Toolkit for Planning Service Projects From Colorado Cares.

Project Plan-It From Youth Service America.

Introduction to Problem Solving

State the Problem

Outline of Problem Analysis A good set of questions to ask about a problem. Personal site of Ralph Kenyon.

Set Goals

SMART Goal Setting

Setting Goals Effectively

How to Set Goals and Achieve More

Guidelines for Setting Goals

Goals and Tasks Worksheet PDF File.


Create a Budget

Excel Budget Tutorial How to create a budget using Excel.

Sample Project Budget From CRF.

Evaluating and Reflecting

Reflection: Getting Learning Out of Serving By Mark Cooper, Coordinator, The VAC.

Reflection Geared toward teachers. From the Pennsylvania Service-Learning Alliance.

A Guide for Reflection PDF File. A short handbook on reflection ideas.

Circle Reflection PDF File. A graphic organizer for reflection.

ACT Showcase

Oral presentation

The Structure of a Presentation

How to Give an In-Class Presentation From Amnesty International.

Let Others Know What You Did

Write the story of your project and let others know about it by sending it to these sites:

Youth Activism: Success Stories

BUILD Magazine From Do Something, this magazine accepts article and photo submissions. "All submissions should be inspirational, interesting, and focused on one of Do Something's three core areas: community building, health, and the environment."